METS 2018 Workshop Options

Water management

This session will bring together experts in the area of water management in and around mines and quarries and will provide an update on best practices and latest technologies onwater and its use.

Amongst other things, it will provide results from a new study about developing and carrying out monitoring of cyanide in waters developed by Fraunhofer Institute in cooperation with Eurofer/CEFIC/Euromines for DG Environment.

Waste management and rehabilitation

This session will bring together experts in the area of waste management in and around  mines and quarries and will provide an update on best practices and the latest technologies.

Amongst other reports, it will provide an update on the latest EU BAT document on mine waste management to be finalised by the end 2017. Successful cases of mine closure will be presented.

Land-planning and access to resources

The session will cover the latest best practices in national and regional land-planning and access to new data, as well as present results of the latest studies. It will provide an opportunity to provide thelatest exploration results.

Amongst other reports, it will report on outcomes from Minatura and other best practice studies as well as the Copernicus programme and its applicability for the extractive sector.

RTD and innovation

The session will bring together academics from both sides and allow for a discussion on the latest Research and Technology achievements, further needs for operating mines and exploration projects with new technologies, aspects related to ensuring the existence of small mining and the identification of technology needs and matching offers for technologies and services the European companies have to offer.

Amongst other topics, the ETP SMR can present the results of its VERAM project (Horizon 2020) and the EU’s minerals research agenda for 2030 and 2050. Cooperation through the Era-Min network, the ELAN network and academic cooperation via programs such as Erasmus can be explored.

Health and safety

This session will cover measures to ensure and promote mining safety, addressing risks, health and safety issues arising from chemical and physical agents, and accidents.

The EU’s tri-partite Standing Working Party on the extractive industry (Member States, Unions, Employers) will be contributing and delegate a few experts for discussion with the participants.

Exchange of best practices as well as the latest technological developments to provide cleaner diesel machinery or replace with electric vehicles can be discussed.

Business & Investment opportunities

This session will deal with all elements relevant to making investments into mining/processing 

along the value chain, such as trade agreements and their influence on the purpose of market access, the role of geological surveys, regional investment promotion agencies, more attractive ranging from investor guides and tax regimes, trade fairs and events. It will deal with new projects, small and large scale mine development and markets for technology and services.

CSR and social acceptance

This session will focus on the importance of the general publics’ opinion and how it helps/hinders the progress of mining industry development from opening a new mine to the rehabilitation phase.

Among other issues, the stakeholder perception studies and industry image campaigns will be discussed as well as best practices in CSR, confidence-building measures andcommunication strategies for operators vis-à-vis their local communities.

National mineral policies and economic growth and responsible sourcing and resource management

This session will focus on best practices in policies and legislative framework as well as the latest international concepts of responsible sourcing and access to markets in both directions. It will include issues from legal requirements, voluntary commitments and standardisation. It will address reliability, legal certainty and predictability of the industry through appropriate legislation, reliable governments and sustainability.